A couple of years ago, perhaps in 2010, SyFy Channel’s paranormal investigation program, Fact or Faked, came to Fishers, Indiana, to investigate the grave of Civil War soldier James Payne at the request of a local resident who claimed his ghost was menacing her nearby home. Of note is that the ghost of Civil War soldier James Parker in The Ghost of Cheeney Creek is loosely based on James Payne. The author was unaware of this investigation until it was brought to her attention by a family member half-way through the writing of the book. Before the investigators on the show came to Indiana, they were presented with a video of a night-time paranormal investigation of the cemetery in which a globe of light flew past the camera recording the event. The folks on the show were so impressed by the video that they came to Indiana to investigate its authenticity by attempting to re-create the floating globe of light by non-paranormal means. They were unable to do so, and declared that what was depicted on the video was an authentic paranormal event. Later, TV viewers challenged that conclusion, claiming the globe of light was nothing more than the reflection of light on a spider hanging in its web. Is it that simple? A Youtube of the investigation of the cemetery described in The Ghost of Cheeney Creek can still be seen by searching “Caretaker Ghost Fact of Faked Youtube.” What do you think?